Say What?  Youth Speak…

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“I wrote a poem…and I read it out loud to everyone in the room, including extended family members.  I read that we too have relationships, feelings and broken hearts…It felt so good to talk about it…For some of the girls, it was such a big deal to let the mothers know what they are talking about and experiencing these real life issues…Some people in the audience were so happy that this came out and we were talking about these issues.  It was intense, and really powerful; even the psychiatrist who was there said ‘Wow, these girls are going through a lot’.” ~ Youth Group Member

What’s Happening with the Youth Group?

She Speaks! Voices of Hope, Strength and Compassion: Ramadan Iftar Event, September 2007

Youth group members helped to plan and coordinate our 2nd Annual Ramadan Fundraising Iftar.  We shared food, music and spiritual connections while remembering those who are most at need.  The event featured Dr. Laleh Bakhtiar, translator of The Sublime Quran, the first English translation of the Quran by an American Woman; and Khalid Latif, a young Muslim Chaplain at NYU, who gave a spiritual reflection on the rights of women, compassion and the importance of giving in Islam.

We offer the following free and confidential services in a culturally and religiously sensitive environment.  We focus on issues related to domestic violence, child safety, immigration, poverty and the aftermath of 9/11.

Crisis Intervention
Individual Counseling
Support Groups
Community Organizing & Outreach
Mentoring Teenaged Girls
Social Work Internship
Referrals to Legal Services (Matrimonial & Immigration)
Information About Women’s Legal Rights
Immigration & Child Safety Laws

Turning Point is a community based, non-profit organization addressing the needs of Muslim women and children through crisis intervention, individual and group counseling, advocacy, outreach, education and training.

Responding to the wide gap between needs and services available to the Muslim community, Turning Point offers culturally competent services, especially in the area of domestic violence.

In a safe and nurturing environment, Turning Point helps women empower themselves and transform their own lives as well as those of their families and children.

In partnership with public, private and religious institutions, Turning Point also aims at mentoring a new generation of social workers trained to address the unique needs of the Muslim community.

Being a complete stranger in a new place is no factor to compromise your church or your ideas. The English service church in Sendai assists you pertain to commemorate the life that Jesus had, his sacrifices as well as even more. It helps you to become a component of something even greater. Perhaps you also could aid to be a component of assisting others with an individual route that they are enduring as well as help them via it: 仙台の教会 | Faith Community Baptist Church | FCBC Sendai

When you select to become a part of the English service church in Sendai, you can discover exactly how to produce a better life on your own as well as your household. This can better encompass a better neighborhood for you to reside in and also at the end of daily, you will know that you belong of something truly fantastic. Your difficulties will certainly not appear so uncomfortable and also you will certainly feel a restored confidence in Jesus. All you need to do is attempt to go to once and also learn what pastors Christina and Caleb intend to show everyone they fulfill. Do you wish to discover a location in this world where you can feel comforted? Probably this church is going to be the secret to joy.

This church is likewise a part of the FCBC Singapore, which makes it a church that techniques the Baptist faith. It is likewise what enables them to help neighborhoods who are taking care of destruction by providing food as well as empathy to those households that were hit the hardest. It is done in an effort to show all of Japan what God’s love can do for them. Would certainly you appreciate belonging of it?

There is a church in Japan that feels that just because you are a site visitor to the location, you must not have to surrender your Sunday prayers. That is why there is a bilingual church that is an English service church in Sendai. It does not matter whether you are just making a browse through or you are living long term in Japan. By becoming a participant, you will certainly also be a part of a church that brings confidence and benefits to all of the surrounding location.

Language does not have to be an obstacle for you any longer if you are all set to find the lessons you can come to be a part as well as learn of something truly wonderful. You can commemorate and also see this church Jesus in addition to them. Their goal is simple, they intend to help every person learn just how to create a stronger family members and also community to call residence. Let them help you find the covert purpose in your life and also make your family life a little bit much better.

The English solution church is Sendai takes location on Saturday instead than Sunday. This may seem a little strange in the beginning, once you acquire and also understanding of the church, you will soon see that pastors Caleb and also Christina Chang supply services in other locations on Sunday. That is the day they see as well as give services to Kesennuma where the tsunami struck the hardest. It is also an area that they went to 10 days after devastation hit and brought along 200 volunteers to assist the location discover peace.

You may likewise want to check out the English service church in Sendai for a purely great time. Throughout the year, there are various events that take place, for instance, the Christmas holidays brings the children right into the limelight with their Christmas show to commemorate the birth of Jesus. At Valentine’s Day, there is an event for both pairs and also singles to either aid you gain understanding of your partner or perhaps satisfy your optimal friend. Does this sound like an excellent way to fulfill others and also laugh while bringing Jesus into your life? It is possible now.

It really is everything about meeting individuals and also checking out the people around you at the English service church in Sendai. You are going to be meeting neighbors and sharing a common belief in the Baptist neighborhood. You can reunite and make brand-new buddies with old ones. The world as we know it now is insane, why not belong of something that brings everyone together in a great means? Would certainly you such as belonging of it?

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